How To Make Grilled Cheese In A Toaster Oven

How To Make Grilled Cheese In A Toaster Oven


How to make grilled cheese in a toaster oven: When you’re hungry is always the best time to get creative with cheese. This easy-to-make grilled cheese recipe will have food in your belly in just 7-10 minutes! And guess what? You wouldn’t even need your stove to get this one going—just your trusty, easy-to-use toaster oven!

How To Make Grilled Cheese In A Toaster Oven

If you loved our article on How to Make Annie’s Mac and Cheese Creamier and Easily, you’re going to want to bookmark this one because this food hack is about yummy goodness that will have you at the toaster oven every breakfast and lunch!


How to Make Grilled Cheese in a Toaster Oven

Let’s get right to it! A grilled cheese sandwich needs no introduction. At some point in our lives, we’ve had one at home, at a diner, or seen an ad or TV show where it was being eaten. With how amazing, comforting, and flavorful it is, it is a snack that is difficult to hate. Making it over a stove can be quite a bother though. That’s why you need this recipe!

This grilled cheese recipe takes away the stress of standing over a stove to cook and introduces another kitchen champion; the mighty toaster oven. With your regular toaster, you can make a scrumptious grilled cheese sandwich and enjoy the same soft, melting goodness with less stress and time.

The secret to this recipe is simple: three ingredients you most likely have lying around in your pantry. With bread, butter, and cheese, you can make yourself a grilled cheese sandwich whenever your craving hits. Now, let’s break down this recipe:

Ingredients for a grilled cheese sandwich

  • Two (2) bread slices
  • Butter or mayonnaise (for spreading)
  • Cheese slices (Colby jack, swiss, cheddar, mozzarella, or whichever you have handy)

Instructions to make grilled cheese in a toaster oven

Preheat your toaster oven

Set it to “bake” or “toast” at around 425°F to 450°F. If you have a rack option, choose the middle position for even cooking.

Prepare the bread

Spread butter or mayonnaise on one side of each bread slice. If you’re using mayo, consider toasting it briefly before adding cheese for a richer flavor.

Assemble the sandwich

Place one slice of bread, buttered-side down, on a baking sheet or oven-safe plate. Add cheese slices (grated cheese works well too!), leaving a small border around the edges. Season with salt, pepper, or herbs if desired. Top with the other bread slice, buttered-side up.

Cook the sandwich

Place the sandwich in the preheated oven. Cook for 3–4 minutes, then flip sides and cook for another 3–4 minutes, or until the bread is golden brown and the cheese is melted and bubbly. Keep an eye on it, as cooking times can vary depending on your toaster oven and the desired level of browning.


Carefully remove the sandwich from the oven and let it cool slightly before cutting. Your grilled cheese sandwich is ready to eat!

Added tip

You can get creative with your fillings by adding your favorite things to eat to the sandwich. You can layer on some tomatoes, meat, sweet potatoes, honey, chocolate, or whatever floats your grilled cheese boat.

If you have cheese options at home, rather than sticking to one cheese, you can get creative by mixing up a selection of cheeses to make it more fun. Ensure not to go too far with it, and if you’re a bit lactose-intolerant, you might want to avoid this tip.


What are 2 important things to remember when making grilled cheese in a toaster oven?

One thing that can make any food go from good to great is using high-quality ingredients. To get the best out of your toaster oven grilled cheese sandwich, ensure you use high-quality bread, butter, and cheese.

We also strongly recommend using butter and not mayonnaise—except if you’re completely out of butter then see the preparation instructions on how to use mayo.



It’s quite easy to know how to make grilled cheese in a toaster oven, but the best way to fully understand it is by trying it out! Take some time this weekend to put this recipe into action, and you just might find that you’ve learned a new lifesaving food hack that can satisfy and comfort you and is just so super easy to make!