What Cheese Goes with Roast Beef Sandwich?


The selection of cheese is an often neglected but critical component in the process of constructing the best roast beef sandwich. “What cheese goes with Roast Beef Sandwich?” is a question that requires considerable thought, since the appropriate cheese can increase the flavors and textures, transforming a simple snack into a gourmet experience.

What Cheese Goes with Roast Beef Sandwich?
What Cheese Goes with Roast Beef Sandwich

Get ready to learn about several cheeses and how to choose the best one for your roast beef recipe.

What Cheese Goes with Roast Beef Sandwich?

Choosing the ideal cheese to go with your roast beef sandwich may sometimes be like solving a jigsaw puzzle. Ultimately, the type of cheese you choose greatly influences the overall taste profile.

The crispness of the vegetables and the richness of the roast meat are accentuated by the cheese, which also contributes to its flavor profile.


The best cheeses to use to transform your roast beef sandwich into a gourmet masterpiece are listed below:

1. Cheddar Cheese

So, what cheese complements roast beef? For many people, cheddar is the standard cheese to pair with roast beef. And for good reason: aged cheddar has a strong flavor and creamy texture that matches the steak perfectly.

The intensity of the cheddar can withstand the meat’s robust taste. A great sharp cheddar gives a tangy flavor contrast to roast beef sandwiches, especially when served on bakery-style bread. Aged white cheddar and very sharp orange cheddar are especially good choices.

Slices of aged cheddar are a great accent to crackers or bread on a roast beef dish. Because of their pleasant firmness, the cheese can be eaten in pieces or slices without crumbling. The acidic, nutty flavor well counterbalances the beef’s savory notes.

2. Swiss Cheese

Swiss cheese’s distinctively nutty and somewhat sweet qualities make it a great match for roast beef as well. Roast beef and Swiss cheese go together like clockwork in deli-style sandwiches. Its texture, which is firm but creamy, melts well and binds the ingredients together.

Swiss cheese gives a beautiful flavor level to dishes like hot roast meat or when layered on bread. Its delicate sweetness and faint saltiness make a great contrast to the flavorful meat. It’s delicious when added to a warm roast beef melt sandwich.

3. Provolone Cheese

Provolone cheese is a great option for Italian-inspired roast beef sandwiches. Its subtle, silky flavor complements the roast beef rather than overpowers it.

Provolone is a great choice for melts, paninis, and even a regular sandwich because it melts smoothly and has a somewhat sweet taste.

An added element of sharpness and taste depth comes from aged provolone. However, mild provolone pairs quite well with roast beef as well, particularly in sandwiches where the contrast between the soft cheese and the delicate meat is highlighted. Provolone’s meltability aids in assembling the components into a coherent and fulfilling sandwich experience.

4. Blue Cheese

While mild cheeses go well with roast beef sandwiches, crumbled blue cheese adds a stronger flavor. Blue cheese’s acidic, creamy flavor can elevate your roast beef to gourmet levels. It adds a whole new layer of taste to roast beef, elevating it from simple to delicious.

A dab of blue cheese dressing on a roast beef salad or plank goes perfectly with the meat. A sprinkling of blue cheese crumbles on a hot open faced sandwich or melt adds a nice kick. In addition to the sliced roast beef, an appetizer tray could include blue cheese chunks or a blue cheese spread.

Just don’t overdo it with the blue cheese; a small amount may provide enough of powerful flavor. You want the beef to remain the same.

5. Gruyère Cheese

Gruyère, which is comparable to Swiss cheese but has a richer, sweeter, and more nuanced flavor, goes very well with roast beef. Its structure is solid but pliable, and it has little holes and a beautiful pale yellow tint. Gruyère’s nutty and slightly fruity flavor complements the flavor of the tender steak well.

Gruyère excels in a gourmet roast beef and cheese melt because it keeps its integrity when melted. It tastes great sprinkled into a roast beef salad or sliced and placed on a sandwich.

Serve thinly sliced meat and slices of Gruyère with crackers for a simple yet exquisite roast beef appetizer. The flavor contrasts are breathtakingly gorgeous.


6. Horseradish Cheese

Havarti cheese with a horseradish flavor will appeal to those who enjoy roast beef and horseradish together. Fans of horseradish can’t get enough of this spicy sauce!

The richness of succulent roast beef is perfectly complemented by the spicy, herbaceous sting of the horseradish. Furthermore, Havarti offers the perfect buttery, creamy foundation for this extra taste.

For an extravagant sandwich experience, I enjoy making roast beef melts with caramelized onions, mushrooms, and horseradish Havarti.

On an appetizer tray or in sandwiches, sliced roast beef goes nicely with horseradish Havarti. Horseradish clears the sinuses, yet the richness of the cheese creates a lovely counterbalance.


Finally, choosing the best cheese for your roast beef sandwich is a matter of personal opinion. Feel free to mix & combine, creating your preference.

Whether you favor the assertiveness of blue cheese, the smoothness of Fontina, or the timeless appeal of cheddar, experimenting with different cheeses can help you figure out which cheese pairs best with roast beef and open up a world of delectable sandwich possibilities.