What is in Banana Pudding Moonshine?


You have probably heard of banana pudding moonshine but don’t know what it is made from—banana or pudding? These and many other questions may be on your mind. So what is in banana pudding moonshine?

What is in Banana Pudding Moonshine

In this guide, I will be taking you on a tour through what banana moonshine is, what’s in it, the basic steps to prepare it and other matters concerning the production and consumption of banana pudding moonshine.

What is Banana Pudding Moonshine?

Banana pudding moonshine is a flavoured alcohol that comes from the American South and has the exquisite taste of banana pudding.

Note that while preparing or purchasing this banana-flavoured moonshine, you ought to take the laws governing the use and manufacture of moonshine into consideration.

Ever had questions or doubts regarding banana pudding moonshine? Let’s delve right in so you can get your answers!


Who Makes Banana Moonshine?

Banana pudding moonshine is typically prepared by small, artisan distilleries or by hand in small batches. Owing to its widespread appeal in the South, it is quite common to come across regional distillers or aficionados who focus on creating distinctively flavoured moonshines.

Depending on local laws, these drinks may be sold at markets or specialist liquor stores. Note that there are legal restrictions on the manufacture and distribution of moonshine, so you should make sure the products you buy come from reliable vendors that abide by the rules.

Drinking alcohol should always be done carefully and in compliance with local rules, just like any other beverage.

What is Banana Moonshine Recipe?

Preparing homemade alcoholic drinks such as moonshine produced from banana pudding requires combining several ingredients and carefully infusing them.

I can provide you with a basic formula, but you need to know and follow the local rules when it comes to making alcoholic beverages. Remember that handling high-proof alcohol throughout the moonshine production process should be done carefully.

This is a basic recipe for moonshine banana pudding:


  • – 4 ripe bananas
  • – 1 cup vanilla wafers
  • – 1 cup vanilla pudding mix (powdered)
  • – 2 cups sugar
  • – 1 gallon of high-proof moonshine or grain alcohol (95% ABV)


  • Cut and peel the mature bananas.
  • Put the sugar, vanilla pudding mix, vanilla wafers, and sliced bananas in a big glass or plastic container.
  • Cover the mixture with moonshine or grain alcohol, making sure all of the components are completely submerged.
  • Tightly seal the jar and give it a good shake to combine the ingredients.
  • To let the flavours infuse, keep the jar in a cold, dark place for at least a week.

Before serving, don’t forget to strain the mixture through cheesecloth or a fine mesh strainer to get rid of any solids. Tailor the amount of sugar to your desire, as tastes might differ. Always abide by safety precautions, and use alcohol sensibly.

Should You Refrigerate Banana-Pudding Moonshine?

Yes, it’s wise to store banana pudding moonshine in the refrigerator. It retains its flavours better and stops the growth of undesirable germs when refrigerated. The infused beverage’s quality is preserved, and the oxidation process is slowed down by the chilly atmosphere.

If you intend to store banana pudding moonshine for longer than the first infusion period, it’s a good idea to put it in the refrigerator. Use an airtight, sealed container to keep outside scents from influencing the flavour.

Before drinking, always look for any indications of spoilage, and make sure handmade alcoholic beverages are stored according to prescribed recommendations.


What Does Banana Moonshine Taste Like?

Banana moonshine usually tastes sweet and delicious, with strong overtones of banana. Ripe bananas and sugar infuse the moonshine with a naturally occurring sweetness that tastes like banana pudding or other dishes with banana flavours.

The proof of the moonshine used determines how powerful the alcohol content can be; thus, the warmth of the alcohol often balances the flavour of the banana.

The particular recipe, the length of the infusion, and individual preferences can all affect the finished flavour. In certain variants, extra ingredients like spices or vanilla may be added to improve the overall flavour character.

This is a fun and inventive way to savour the flavour of bananas in their most vibrant form.


Although moonshine with banana pudding may taste good, it’s important to remember that drinking too much alcohol can be harmful to your health.

The key is moderation. Bananas do, however, have nutritional value because they include fibre, vitamins, and potassium. Prioritise leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle in addition to any indulgences.


How long does banana pudding moonshine last?

The shelf life of banana pudding moonshine might vary according to ingredients, storage conditions, and alcohol percentage.

It usually lasts for several months or even years in a sealed container kept in a cool, dark environment. But be cautious and keep an eye out for any indications of spoiling.

What is an interesting fact about Banana pudding?

Before the American Civil War, banana pudding was nonexistent in the United States, in part because bananas were not widely available in the states. The few bananas that arrived in America from places like the West Indies in the middle of the 1800s were regarded as exotic, uncommon fruits that were only fit for the wealthy to enjoy.

Is Banana pudding moonshine safe to consume?

When consumed in moderation, banana pudding moonshine is safe for most adults but not for children because of its strong alcoholic content.