where to buy quark cheese near me?

Where to Buy Quark Cheese Near Me?


Are you looking for quark cheese in your area? You might be stunned to discover that it’s not as simple as you thought! Quark cheese, a fresh wheat curd cheese of German origin, is emerging in the US market but it is still not that widely spread in the country.

So where can you get it? Don’t worry because that is our job to help you identify where to Buy Quark Cheese Near you. keep reading to learn how you can buy Quark Cheese near me.

where to buy quark cheese near me?

Where to Buy Quark Cheese Near Me?

To find quark cheese near you, you need to first know what kind of stores are most likely to sell it. Quark is a young, unprocessed cheese, so it won’t normally be found on the big shelves of retailers such as Walmart or Target.

Instead, it would be better to visit the nearest store which has a cheese department of its own. Moreover, quark cheese could be even available at a farmer’s market or natural food shop in some regions.

If they don’t have it, check the European market or a specialty cheese shop near you. A bit of searching is all it takes to discover this amazing cheese!

Remember that quark cheese is a local specialty, therefore it may not be available in every store. However, if you can find it, it will be worth trying once.


Is Quark Better than Yogurt?

The fact is that Quark is a better choice than yogurt! It is also beneficial for your health and easy on your digestive system. Quark is protein-rich and a good source of calcium and phosphorus. All of them are good for the body.

Whereas yogurts have a lot of fat and calories, Quark has significantly less fat. It is less than 1% fat and is also low in calories.

Quark being a much better option for yogurt and dairy products like sour cream makes it far healthier. The texture and taste are so alike that you can’t tell which one is which.

How to Make Homemade German Quark Cheese

If you want to know how Quark is made, no problem, here are two ways to explore the delicious soft German cheese in all its creamy savory good taste. It’s so easy and tasty that you’ll want to eat it the next day:

Makes About 1¾ – 2 Cups

1 Quart Buttermilk (4 Cups)


Using A Greek Yogurt Maker:

  • Now carefully pour the buttermilk into the main area where the yogurt will be. Cover and arrange for an incubation of 12 hours.
  • Drain the Quark into a sieve set inside another container and put it into the fridge for approximately 6 hours.
  • Seal the finished Quark in a food-safe container and keep it in a cool, dry place.

    Applying an Oven if the Temperature Drops Low Enough:
  • Turn on the heat in your oven to the lowest possible temperature, which should not exceed 150°F (65°C), and make sure you switch on the light. Wait until it cools down after heating.
  • Pour the harvested buttermilk into a larger casserole pan. Cover with a lid.
  • Put a roast-frozen covered casserole dish in the oven for 6-8 hours with only the oven light on and the oven off!
  • Place a large flat strainer or a sieve onto a well-lined towel. Pour in the buttermilk. Put the colander in the refrigerator with holes in the produce draining for about 6 hours.
  • Last of all, take a jar and put it in the refrigerator as the final step.



  • In case you choose to cook with the oven, check if the buttermilk that you are using is active or contains live cultures.
  • The oven is not a proper place to attempt this unless you are certain it remains below 150 °F at all. If it gets too hot, however, buttermilk culturing will fail, and there will be no Quark!
  • Use the excess watery whey to make my fresh and awesome artisan bread.
  • Make use of the Quark cheese that you have created and prepare a traditional German cheesecake.

How Long Does the Homemade Quark Last?

As with any other fresh cheese, Quark will be good for about the same period as it is stored in your refrigerator. As the Quark is drawing close to its end, you will find a peculiar fermented taste.

Already, Quark has its mild sourness, which is a trace of sour cream and cottage cheese as well. After some time this sourness will become more and more intensive and visible as an indicator that you need to prepare a new batch.

You should aim to eat your homemade Quark within the first 10 days after making it. It may be just a bite, but it will disappear so quickly!


Amazing right? The search for quark cheese will most likely be hard, but it will also be rewarding in the end. This cheese is not only tasty, but it also packs some essential nutrients including protein, calcium, and probiotics. 

Quark is not only low in fat and calories but also a wise choice for people who want to exchange traditional cheeses for a healthier option. 

Thus, your pursuit to taste quark cheese will not be in vain. You will not regret it when you try it. Just savor every mouthful, since this is a very special treat.