Chipotle Near Me December 2023


Did you search for Chipotle near me in December 2023? Are you worried about where to go and grab some snacks this festive season with family and friends, or are you tired of going to the same old places and want to try something new? Chipotle is a real deal you can go for with no regrets whatsoever!

Chipotle Near Me December 2023

What is Chipotle?

By literary translation, chipotle is a ripe jalapeno pepper, dried and smoked for use in cooking. But by way of location, they are an American fast-food chain that deals with Mexican food such as burritos, tacos, and the like.

The food chain has an interest in maintaining public satisfaction, which aligns with its motto, ‘Food with Integrity.’

Besides the thrill of trying out a new place, it would interest you to know that what makes Chipotle unique is the fact that it makes its meals with only fresh and high-quality ingredients.

This statement does not aim in any way to disparage other restaurants, but it intends to assure you that you are in good hands and encourages you to ‘Chipotle’ up this season!


What Countries Have Chipotle?

Founded in 1993 by Co-CEO Steve Ells, a classically trained chef in Denver, Colorado, Chipotle is an American food outlet with Mexican cuisine.

Over the years since its inception, it has known growth and currently has about 2,000 locations worldwide, including over 100 locations in the United States, 50 in Canada, 30 in the United Kingdom, and other Chipotle outlets in France and Germany.

Depending on your current location, however, you can easily spot Chipotle food chains in these cities: Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Miami, Chicago, Seattle, Washington, D.C., Boston, etc.

What Does Chipotle Serve?

There are several food options to choose from at this restaurant, and the taste of each is distinctly unique. As is typical with Mexican cuisine, they serve burritos, tacos, bowls, and salads.

But for each food item, they also present customers with choices of protein to order as well, ranging from chicken to steak, carnitas, barbacoa, and sofritas, which is a vegetarian tofu mix. Sounds yummy, doesn’t it?

However, Chipotle’s servings do not just stop there. they go on to make many other Mexican toppings with which the everyday customer can explore the full taste of his Chipotle order.

On the side, Chipotle makes chips with salsa or guacamole, all the while offering a variety of both soft and bottled drinks, beer, and margaritas.

Their meal menus like these and many others are the reason you simply cannot afford to miss out on what people call the ‘Chipotle Experience.’ 

How Much Cash Does Chipotle Have?

Of course, it is deemed totally unethical and highly risky for a business organization like Chipotle to publicly disclose the exact state of its finances, including both income and expenditure. The financial statement of any establishment is one of the factors that competitors or other entities could easily use against it, thus necessitating its confidentiality.

Nevertheless, knowing the estimated net worth of businesses also helps determine things like their financial status, whether they are running at a profit or loss, etc. The same holds for Chipotle.

Over the years, from at least 2005 to 2023, the cash worth of Chipotle has risen quite impressively, from $0·06 million in December 2005 to $0·89 billion in December 2022. Currently, as of December 2023, it runs on a cash worth of $1·45B in both cash and cash equivalents.


What Time Does Chipotle Open?

As is the norm with businesses, working hours are variable and, in some cases, even negotiable, while some company workers are drafted to work in shifts. Business hours would differ by location for Chipotle, of course, but on a general note, these restaurants open from 10:00 a.m. on Mondays to Saturdays and 11:00 a.m. on Sundays.

However, as a potential or even regular Chipotle customer, it would be wise to simply call to confirm the opening hours of the location nearest to you or check the website.

What Time Does Chipotle Close?

Businesses can’t run on a 24-hour basis daily, all year round. This is because, even if the staff have rotational working conditions (i.e., work in shifts), their security has to be taken into consideration too.

That being said, Chipotle restaurants generally close by 10:00 p.m. from Mondays to Saturdays, with some open even until 11:00 p.m. because of large cities and high-traffic areas, and by 9:00 p.m. on Sundays.


To sum it all up, Chipotle is a worthwhile experience for Mexican fast-food lovers. In addition to the regular cuisine they offer, they also answer to the breakfast needs of its customers in the early hours and also with late-night meals.

Chipotle is, in plain words, simple, fresh food with no artificial flavours or filters. Its unique trait lies in the fact that its ingredients are fresh and handpicked straight from reliable sources, such as the farmer’s market.